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Dr. Jay
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Argumentation and Critical Thinking Tutorial


There are three major limitations to this site that you should be aware of.

First, this does not substitute for a good text on argumentation or critical thinking. The design of this site assumes that you have already received some instruction either in a class or from a text, and are ready to try to check your understanding and improve your memory of the ideas. If you only use this site you will probably have an incomplete understanding of the concepts.

Second, this site is not likely to cover all the concepts included in any argumentation or critical thinking text, nor are all the concepts covered in this site likely to be covered in many argumentation or critical thinking texts. That means it is very likely that you will encounter concepts and terms that you are not familiar with unless you are using a text specifically designed to accompany these tutorials. It also means there are probably plenty of important concepts covered in whatever text you use that do not appear in this site. Moreover, different texts and instructors use different names for the same concepts, so some of the ideas may be familiar to you, but by a different name.

Third, this site is not meant to help you directly improve your higher order critical thinking and argumentative skills. Some people will be able to take the knowledge reinforced by these tutorials and apply it appropriately to their own arguments and the arguments made by others. However, there is so much that can go into making any argument, or thinking critically about any idea, that most people really need to work with a human being to improve their skills.