HSU Outdoor Access Fund

The Outdoor Access Fund — A Way for all HSU Students to Get Involved!

Every student deserves an equal opportunity to recreate outside.  Unfortunately, many students do not have the financial means to get involved.  Recreational experiences in the outdoors have been proven to reduce stress, improve happiness, help overall physical and mental health, and build community.  Center Activities hopes to foster these community building experiences for students in the great outdoors.

Donate to the HSU Outdoor Access Fund today!
Center Activities is geared toward making recreational experiences affordable for students.  Through generous donations and fundraising efforts, we are able to offer scholarships through our Outdoor Access Fund. 

Apply for the HSU Outdoor Access Scholarship!
You must be a current student at Humboldt State University and complete the application form to be considered.  Guidelines for the award are listed on the application form.

"I went on a backpacking trip to Utah through Humboldt State University. I grew up in the desert and moved to Humboldt for the lush environment. When I went on this backpacking trip I didn’t know if I was going to like the desert and I didn’t know if I was going to have a good time. When I got there I was bombarded with huge red-orange canyon walls and the bright blue sky. I was in heaven. Not only did I regain appreciation for the desert I also made friends along the way. It was easy to get to know the people you go to school with when you feel like you're helping each other survive in the wilderness and there is all the time in the world to talk. Gaining new insights from nature is a beautiful thing." 
- Grace Templeton

“The chance to get out paddling on Humboldt Bay is one of my favorite memories I have made at HSU.  I had the opportunity to participate in Paddlefest, and to this day it remains one of my favorite recreation experiences during my time at HSU. I made a lot of friends that day and there were so many students who felt equally excited to be on the water as I was. We got to try something new. It is one event that I will never forget."
-Michael Anhorn






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