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Business Student Melody Brown Selected as one of 10 National Finalists going to Washington DC, February 12-13.

Melody Brown, an HSU Business major with a concentration in accounting, was selected as one of 10 national finalists to attend the Association of Government Accountant (AGA) National Leadership Training (NLT) conference in Washington, D.C. on February 12-13th.

AGA supports government work in all areas of financial management, accounting, auditing, information technology, and other business operations. The mission of the organization is to help the government work more efficiently and effectively. The NLT conference is the flagship networking, training, and solutions event for the AGA. The conference is designed to highlight innovations, best practices, research, and lead to positive changes in government; thereby, leading to benefits for our society.

As a recipient of the AGA NLT scholarship, Melody received an all expense paid trip to Washington D.C., including flight, lodging, and conference fees being paid for. Among the highlights of the event included the opportunity for Melody to meet with the leading KPMG Partner of the Federal Government practice, Jeffrey Steinhoff, the U.S. Comptroller General of the United States, Gene Dodaro, as well as networking with several other notable accounting professionals in attendance. She described the experience as an “incredible learning opportunity that opened her eyes to the vast number of government job opportunities open to the younger generation.” She was surprised by the sheer number of professionals willing to offer advice or career help. Reflecting upon her experience, she has one piece of advice for students: “so next time you hear about a horribly awkward networking event, challenge yourself to go! You might be surprised at what you gain from the experience.”