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CPS Family Members Receive 20-21 Staff Recognition Awards


The College of Professional Studies would like to congratulate and recognize the following recipients of the 2020/21 Staff Recognition Award!

2020/21 Award Recipients from the College of Professional Studies: Yvonne Doble, Annette Troxel, Corrina Wells

Yvonne Doble, Coordinator and Lecturer, Social Work Field Education

Yvonne is championing the use of the CO's offices database for community-based learning and has been working to help bring on programs outside her own maximizing on collaboration and resources which will save time, money and facilitate many unmet campus needs. In all her efforts and committees - Yvonne brings a strong commitment to social justice and equity - including leading the working group for equity in community-based learning for 2 years to look at equity issues facing our students serving in the community and working to create support and processes to address these. She is a contagious leader who doesn't see silos, instead, she creates opportunities to support one another to increase student success and make a difference in the local community.


one day at a time

Yvonne changing the world

Champion for all

We all benefit from how she sees the world, addresses the needs, and works across all lines - she is a champion for everyone!


Annette Troxel, Budget Analyst, College of Professional Studies

As the College of Professional Studies has been addressing a $2.55 million reduction over three years (where we are currently planning for Year 2 of 3), Annette has provided insightful perspective related to budget priorities, and has served as a ready resource to the college in providing information that has been informing transparent, shared, and strategic decision-making regarding budget reductions. Through their own steadfast ethics as a responsible steward of the college’s fiscal resources, they have helped the college navigate through a comprehensive college-wide budget decision-making process.


Master of budgets.

Keeps the ship steady and true.

Future seas look bright!

Corrina Wells, Coordinator and Lecturer, School of Education

Corrina has contributed to our campus in innumerable ways: in violence and sexual assault prevention; and peer health education. They are a leader on the Campus/Community Dialogue on Race committee. They have educated our students in the first-year writing program and have engaged in activism that transforms our campus climate. They have given innumerable hours, and they’ve been a transformative leader on our campus from the time of their undergraduate and graduate coursework into their full-time staff roles. They currently lead the Promotorx Scholars (HSI grant-funded program), a program they’ve built in collaboration from the ground up. Their work has been characterized by ingenuity, resourcefulness, and responsiveness in collaboratively constructing dynamic programs.


described as a lifeline

so generous with their time

visionary leader

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