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A Message from our CPS Associated Students Representative

A.S. Election

Hello Fellow HSU Students,


It has been an honor to serve as the elected College of Professional Studies (CPS) Representative for Associated Students (A.S) for the past two years. As I graduate from HSU this Spring with my Bachelors in Recreation Administration/ Tourism Management, I would like to leave you with a few words of encouragement to get involved in student leadership and many other wonderful opportunities on campus.

As students, we often have more important things on our mind than serving as student government representatives, that's why I want to spend some time challenging this narrative and encouraging you to get involved. If I have one goal for the remainder of my term, it would be to know both the Professional Studies positions are filled for the 2018/2019 year and the College of Professional Studies has proper representation in the many decisions made at HSU.

So why should you get involved? While serving on the board has many benefits, foremost is the opportunity to provide students a voice on campus and have a say in where funds are spent in these times of budget cuts. A.S. is responsible for many areas on campus which directly affect you and your peer's success at HSU. For example, A.S. receives funding from the student fees you pay and distributes that funding to various programs on campus including the MultiCultural Center, OhSnap, Clubs and Activities, the Health Center, and many more crucial HSU resources. In addition, you can have the opportunity to make an impact through policy changes and advocacy through shared governance and resolution writing. Other benefits of serving on A.S. include the opportunity to network with other student leaders, administrations, and local businesses, gain leadership and professional development training, and receive opportunities to attend events or conferences. One of the greatest benefits of all is the ability to gain real-world experience and add those accomplishments to your résumé.

Reflecting back on the résumé I've built while serving on the board has been eye opening and encouraging. While serving on A.S., I’ve accomplished many tasks and had the opportunity to attend multiple networking events and conferences. I’ve been lucky to host two Professional Studies Mixers, and one All College Mixer; I’m looking forward to organizing another All College Mixer to end the semester. I've served on multiple committees, including the Public Relations Committee, Board of Finance, University Senate, Event Funding Committee, and Earth Week Planning Committee, and had the opportunity to voice my opinion about many campus issues. I’ve also written and co-authored multiple Resolutions for HSU which have passed and been implemented on campus, including the creation of a Public Relations Commissioner and PR Committee to improve the spread of campus events, information, and awareness of A.S., and a Resolution for the inclusion of El Leñador as a required posting space for A.S. positions. These resolutions came out of the need for proper outreach to the entire HSU community and HSU’s designation as a Hispanic Service Institution (HSI). As I end my term in A.S., I am currently working on two more resolutions. The first serves to encourage HSU to pursue zero cost course material classes and to reduce the cost of required materials students need to purchase, the second resolution is asking for the exception of student fundraising activities from the processing fee charged by HSU for charitable donations in order to keep student fundraising dollars in the hands of students.

As you can see from the range of activities, tasks, and committees I've engaged in, there is a wide variety of ways in which students may get involved with A.S., while also building a strong resume. However, serving on the board is not the only way you can get involved. As a student at HSU, you can sit on a committee as a student at large, volunteer at A.S. events, attend an A.S. board meeting, or speak during the public comments section about any issues or concerns you have at HSU during any committee meeting, including A.S. meetings.   

With so many ways to get involved and so many benefits for doing so, I hope you feel empowered to include A.S. in your college experience or at the minimum reach out to your current representatives to express any comments, suggestions, or solutions you have to make our campus community experience a great one. The voice of a student is such an important part of a successful campus, let's keep the CPS voice loud and proud by filling those A.S. CPS representative positions for next year!  

I wish you all the best,

Genesea Black-Lanouette

Departing A.S. CPS Representative


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