Saturday, January 14th

Sourdough Breads with Beck’s Bakery

Time: 10:00 am


You can bake great bread at home! Rhonda Wiedenbeck owns Beck’s Bakery and encourages baking with local grains. This class will be held at Beck’s Bakery in Arcata so that participants can get their hands in the dough. Students will learn easy ways to make artisan-style sourdough breads at home. Rhonda will also provide tips on the care and feeding of the sourdough culture participants will take home with them at the end of the class. This class will focus on a traditional French-style sourdough and a 100% whole grain American sourdough!

Additional Public Info: Notes: Please bring a hat or scarf to cover your hair and an apron if you have one.

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Price: $45 HSU Students • $50 All Others


Beck's Bakery
100 Ericson Court. Suite 100 C
Arcata CA 95521


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