Wednesday, March 22nd

The Study of Animal Populations by Capture-recapture

Time: 6:00 pm-7:00 pm


Please join us for the Lamberson Ecology Lecture series with guest speaker Dr. Andy Royle, Senior Scientist at USGS. Royle will discuss the study of animal populations by capture-recapture.
Capture-recapture has been the standard method for the study of animal populations for decades. In the classical application of these methods, individuals of a population were captured, uniquely marked, and subsequently recaptured or resighted. The resulting individual encounter history data permits estimation of population size and other demographic parameters. In this lecture I will discuss how the application of CR methods has been profoundly affected by new technologies such as remote cameras, noninvasive genetic sampling, and bioacoustics. These allow the study of species which could not previously be studied effectively by capture-recapture. Several case studies (grizzly bears, American mink) will be discussed that exemplify the importance of these new technologies.

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Price: Free


Science Building B

Room: 133


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