Friday, January 27th

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2:00 pm-2:50 pm

SkillShop: Google Drive Beyond the Basics

HSU Library

Do you want to implement Google Drive for a project? For your department? For your class? This workshop will cover some strategies for setting up your Drive to be most conducive to your needs.

Prerequisite: This workshop assumes you are already familiar with Google Drive. If you are new to Google Drive, plan to attend the Google Drive Basics workshop on January 23rd and/or get familiar with the Google Drive Cheat Sheet

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4:00 pm-5:00 pm

Biological Sciences Seminar

HSU Campus
All are welcome to attend this week's seminar! Dr. Jonathan Wilson, Haverford College, will present “Structure and function in extinct plants: the early history of water transport”

Plants are unique among multicellular organisms because much of their physiology is biophysical, rather than behavioral, and the anatomy that defines these biophysical capabilities is preserved in the fossil record. Mathematical models, when applied to fossilized plant organs—particularly leaves and stems—can provide quantitative insight into the physiology and ecology of plants that have been extinct for hundreds of millions of years. Comparing the physiology of extinct plants with strategies that are currently employed by living plants sheds light on ecophysiological trajectories in plant evolutionary history.

In this presentation, I will describe the history of water transport in land plants and focus on two case studies of extinct plants: Psilophyton, an early-diverging vascular plant that was common on floodplain environments 390 million years ago, and Glossopteris, a tree that formed broadleaf polar forests more than 250 million years ago. Each of these plants contains anatomical features that result in novel physiologies, and together they represent the early evolution of physiological complexity in terrestrial ecosystems.

Ongoing Events:

Time Event Title
Sep 14th-May 10th

Womyn of Color at HSU

MultiCultural Center Conference Room
Jan 17th-May 9th

Emergency Medical Technician Certification

Goodwin Forum

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