Monday, March 20th

Time Event Title
3:00 pm-3:50 pm

SkillShop: Seek, and Ye Shall Find: Locating Peer-Reviewed Articles

HSU Library

Your professor has assigned a research paper that requires you to cite peer-reviewed journal articles, but you aren’t sure what those are or where to begin looking for them. This workshop will introduce you to peer-reviewed journal articles and strategies for finding the information that you need.

You will learn:

+What a peer-reviewed journal article is
+Where to find articles in online databases
+Tips for conducting searches
+Utilizing filters to narrow/broaden your search results

Register at
4:30 pm-7:00 pm

Surveillance, Privacy & Free Speech - Sunshine Week

Library Fishbowl
Electronic Frontier Foundation, Access Humboldt, and the Humboldt State University Library are collaborating with local media outlets this month to explore the frontiers of surveillance, privacy and free speech during a series of Sunshine Week events in Arcata and Eureka from March 16-21.

Shahid Buttar from the Electronic Frontier Foundation will be the keynote speaker for a forum on “Surveillance, Privacy and Free Speech” at the HSU Library on Monday, March 20, from 4:30-7:00 p.m. Shahid Buttar is the director of grassroots advocacy at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the event will feature practical workshops on topics including Web Browser Privacy Settings, Smartphone Encryption, Virtual Private Networking, Encryption and Security, Digital Rights Management and more.

Buttar graduated from Stanford Law School in 2003 and became immersed in the movement to stop the war in Iraq. He is a constitutional lawyer “focused on the intersection of community organizing and policy reform as a lever to shift legal norms, with roots in communities across the country resisting mass surveillance.”

From 2009 to 2015, he led the Bill of Rights Defense Committee as executive director, and he has also championed causes including campaign finance reform, marriage equality for same-sex couples, and combatting racial and religious profiling of Muslims.

Outside of work, Buttar also “DJs and produces electronic music, writes poetry and prose, kicks rhymes, organizes guerilla poetry insurgencies, plays capoeira, speaks truth to power on Truthout, occasionally elucidates legal scholarship, and documents counter-cultural activism for the Burning Man Journal.”
5:00 pm-6:20 pm

Geology Colloquium - Monday, March 20, 2017 at 5:00 PM in FH 25

Founders Hall
"Learning from Earthquakes: Implications for Evaluating Seismic Hazards and Seismic Design in the Pacific Northwest", by Ivan G. Wong, PG, Principal Seismologist, Lettis Consultants International.
6:00 pm-Mar 24th 8:00 pm

Criminal Justice Dialogue

Native American Forum
On March 20th, a community dialogue around the criminal justice system will spark change on a local level. Service providers, students, and the currently and formerly incarcerated have come together to create this transformative event. March 20th-24th at Humboldt State University, nationally recognized criminal justice organizations, (Prisoners with Children, Project What, Prison University Project, Homeboy Industries, and more), will present their work to Humboldt County stakeholders. The event will be broken up into themes surrounding: the effects of incarceration on families, barriers to employment and housing, the role of gender and race in the criminal justice system, the importance of education, and reentry success stories. It will end with a round table discussion on improving reentry services in Humboldt County.

The community Criminal Justice Dialogue, is a yearly event that is aimed at addressing the barriers to reintegration as well as showcasing the need for further support services for those impacted by incarceration. These events are also a platform for not only the development of services, but also an opportunity to discuss the importance of addressing stigma, a harmful invisible barrier that perpetuates punishments past the point of incarceration.

Criminal Justice Dialogue, Humboldt State University’s Native Forum, 6-8pm
*Open to the Public*
March 20th- The Impact of Incarceration on the Family
March 21st- Housing Barriers with a Criminal Background
March 22nd- The Keys to Success—Education on the Inside and Outside
March 23rd- Sharing Stories: Using activism to move forward
March 24th- Community Round table Discussion: Reentry

For more information on this event or how to volunteer, please email: Vanessa Vrtiak
7:00 pm

National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine

Van Duzer Theater
Volodymyr Sirenko, Artistic Director and Chief Conductor
Theodore Kuchar, Conductor Laureate
Alexei Grynyuk, piano
The distinguished National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine lends its expressive power to a program that includes Prokofiev’s Piano Concerto No. 3 with celebrated Ukrainian soloist Alexei Grynyuk, and Shostakovich’s heroic Symphony No. 5. “Its strings can conjure up a vibrant songfulness; the woodwinds have a fruity, penetrating ripeness; the brass could endanger the walls of Jericho; the percussion might wake the dead” (Sydney Morning Herald).
Sponsored by Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Ongoing Events:

Time Event Title
Sep 14th-May 10th

Womyn of Color at HSU

MultiCultural Center Conference Room
Jan 17th-May 9th

Emergency Medical Technician Certification

Goodwin Forum
Feb 2nd-May 4th

Roosevelt @HSU

Nelson Hall East
Feb 5th-Apr 30th

Introduction to Indoor Climbing

Student Recreation Center Rock Wall
Feb 9th-May 11th

Free HIV and Hepatitis Testing

Van Parked Outside Student Health Center

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