Friday, March 3rd

Time Event Title
10:00 am-12:00 pm

Research in Action: The National College Health Assessment (NCHA) Results and Implications for Acti

Great Hall
Bring your curiosity and ideas to the latest action research series conducted by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, and its strategic partners, the division of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs, and Student Health and Wellbeing Services.

Lisa Castellino, Associate Vice-President of Institutional Effectiveness, will present our results of the Spring 2016 administration of the NCHA survey; an instrument built to help us better understand the health habits and behaviors of our students across a variety of subject areas including overall health and well-being and obstacles impeding academic success.

In addition, Dr. Brian Mistler, Executive Director of Student Health and Wellbeing Services, will add to our discussion of the implications of this data for our campus-wide commitment to supporting student physical and mental wellbeing, offering an overview of on-campus health resources available and the challenges our students face in gaining access to community health resources.

Light refreshments will be served.

Alex Enyedi, Provost and Vice President Academic Affairs and Peg Blake, Vice President Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
11:30 am-1:00 pm

Psych Talks: Dr. Matthew Callahan

BSS 166
As part of a Colloquium Series called Psych Talks presented by SOAR (Scholars of Academic Research), Dr. Matthew Callahan, a professor from Sonoma State University, will be discussing research on perceptions and reactions to transgender women and men in public restrooms, including the extent to which essentialism and trait aggression exacerbate these reactions.

The talk, titled Nowhere to go: Perceptions of Transgender Women and Men in Restrooms, is related to the controversial “Bathroom Bills” being introduced around the country.

The event is next Friday, March 3 at noon in BSS 166. There will also be snacks and refreshments starting at 11:30 am outside of BSS 166.
3:00 pm-Mar 4th 6:00 pm

23rd Annual Social Justice Summit: Art as Social Activism

HSU Campus
The Summit will include a keynote presentation by Mother Tongue, workshops, film screenings, and discussions. The SJS will broaden perspectives on social justice and global issues, inspire change through different art mediums, and provide tools to create change. One unit of optional credit in Ethnic Studies or Women’s Studies is available for an additional fee of $232.
4:00 pm-5:00 pm

Biological Sciences Seminar

HSU Campus
All are welcome to attend this week's seminar! Dr. Luke Miller, San Jose State University, will present “Valve gaping behavior, movement patterns and thermal stress in mussels living on wave-swept rocky shores”

Bivalve gaping behavior facilitates feeding and oxygen exchange, and patterns of valve opening and closing in subtidal systems are often driven by external factors such as food availability, diurnal cycles, or predator presence. In the intertidal zone, where bivalves such as Mytilus californianus are repeatedly exposed to aerial conditions, closure of the valves can serve the additional function of preventing desiccation during prolonged exposure, often at the cost of a transition to anaerobic metabolism during tight valve closure. Using an electronic datalogging system, we have tracked the
valve gaping, body orientation, and temperatures of mussels in different microhabitats on an open coast intertidal rocky shore. The predominant pattern in shell gaping is aligned with the circatidal rhythm for mussels living at different shore heights and in tide pools. In microhabitats with longer
submersion times, there is a secondary peak in gaping behavior more closely aligned with the circadian cycle. Unlike some related mussel species, there is little evidence of valve gaping during peak daytime low tide temperatures, indicating that M. californianus may favor desiccation avoidance
over evaporative cooling during thermal stress events. We monitored body orientation of focal mussels within our experimental mussel beds as well, and observed minimal movement or reorientation of the body over time scales of days to weeks. When aligned with temperature records
and physiological measurements, this method of monitoring will allow us estimate which environmental and behavioral factors contribute most to the growth and survival of mussels living in these highly variable intertidal environments.
6:00 pm-Mar 5th 7:00 pm

Startup Weekend

Founders Hall
Very briefly, the participants who attend have 60 seconds to make a pitch (optional), the pitches are whittled down to the top ideas, and then teams form around the ideas to come out with several developed companies or projects. Finally, the weekend culminates with demonstrations in front of an audience of judges.
Our event will be very community focused and provide a place for budding entrepreneurs to find co-founders, mentors and momentum for their ideas or just apply their classroom learning. For $50 for the student registration fee, you will get 7 meals paid for and a free t-shirt, not to mention the amazing resume building and opportunity to widen your network.
6:46 pm-Mar 5th 2:02 pm

No Strings Attached

Gist Hall
Humboldt Circus presents:
No Strings Attached
Gist Theater
March 3 @ 6:46pm
March 4 @ 2:02pm & 6:46pm
March 5 @ 6:46pm
Featuring the world famous Marching lumberjacks and knee high puppet company
1$ off with handbill or HSU student ID
7:00 pm-8:15 pm

Wildlife Tracking Lecture

HSU Natural History Museum
The HSU Natural History Museum is offering a free lecture WILDLIFE TRACKING: The Past, Present, and Future of an Ancient Art, by Phil Johnston Friday, March 3rd from 7:00 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. Phil is a biologist extraordinaire and professional tracker and will share some of his experiences in the field as well as discuss the history of tracking and how this ancient art is assisting in scientific research. 1242 G. St., Arcata. Across from Wildberries. 707-826-4479 for more information or go to Donations are appreciated.
7:30 pm-Mar 11th 9:30 pm

William Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar"

Van Duzer Theater
The play follows the story of both the rise to power of Julius Caesar and of the death of the ancient Roman republic. After ignoring warnings about the Ides of March, would-be dictator Julius Caesar meets his bloody fate in the Roman senate.

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Heartfulness Meditation

Green & Gold Room

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