Moving & Distribution

Moving and Distribution provides moving services, pickup of unwanted office furniture and event delivery services.

We are located in Building 96, directly to the north of Facilities Management, on the corner of B and 14th streets.
Moving Services

We have the equipment and expertise necessary to safely move furniture, supplies and small equipment. We also deliver tables and chairs for events, and can deliver surplus furniture if available. Please submit a Customer Service Request for all Moving Services required.


Distribution is responsible for receiving packages from delivery companies (UPS or FedEX) as well as helping departments with shipping packages to off campus entities. When shipping packages through UPS, please provide the recipient’s address, phone number and the full PeopleSoft chartfield. For International shipping, please provide the recipient’s phone number, address, zip code, description of contents. If you want to insure your package please include the value of the content you are shipping. All packages must be to Shipping & Receiving by 2:00 pm. Please call 707-826-3932 for more information.