Information for Agents and Counselors


Thank you for your interest in California’s Humboldt State University (HSU).  If you would like to become one of our official agents, please follow the steps below: 

STEP 1: Fill out an Agent Questionnaire for Humboldt State University and provide at least 3 references for us to contact. If US references are not available, please provide contacts for Australia and/or Canada and/or the UK.

STEP 2:  After the references provided by your agency have been contacted and verified and you are accepted as one of our agents we will send you an Agent Agreement for review. If your agency would like to move forward with working with us, please DO NOT sign this document-email us that you approve the agreement and we will have officials sign at our university. 

 STEP 3: After all officials have signed at our university, we will send the agreement to your agency for signature. 

STEP 4:  After we have all signatures required, we will send you an agency packet containing brochures, applications for admission, posters, and Agent Certificate. 

STEP 5:  While you are waiting for your agency packet to arrive, please continue getting to know us better by reviewing our online agent resources at Frequently Asked Questions page for Agents. Here, you will find information for how to apply, conditional admission, deadlines, scholarships, and much more.