2016 Edition: Table of Contents


The Humboldt Ambassador: International Studies free online student journal

This journal invites current students and recent undergraduates from Humboldt State University to submit class projects and scholarly research papers with a global focus. As this is the third edition, we only have several featured projects. Our goal for the initial issues is to expand the publication base and create awareness about The Humboldt Ambassador. We are currently trying to alert people to the existence of the journal and encouraging students and faculty at HSU to make submissions. We look forward to creating a more developed journal in the next several issues, but, in the meantime, we hope you enjoy these pieces as a taste of what's to come. 

Tree Stump

Articles and Papers

The Future Of Energy

By Matthew (Mateo) Michael Yelton


What is International?

By Lauren Woolley


My Journey in Nepal

By Thea Wayne

Oaxaca, Mexico: Family, Culture & History

by Erika Storm Lopez


Humboldt State University