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The Humboldt Ambassador: Journal of International Studies is a peer reviewed free online student journal housed in the International Studies Program at HSU and managed through the International Studies Capstone Course. Our goal is to produce an annual spring edition focused around a specific theme or topic that is interdisciplinary in nature and global in scope. The second edition of The Ambassador has expanded the original base to include students from other programs and majors with globally focused work. The third edition of this journal has continued to expand its original base by including tabs calling for submission of book reviews and photo essays, among others.

International Studies enters the blogosphere with Global Humboldt

In addition to The Ambassador, the International Studies journal, students and alums now have a blog where they can share their reflections and positive observations. A new way to  communicate with fellow students and those who have gone before and will come after, the blog  is designed to maximize our ability to connect. If you would like to contribute to Global Humboldt, more information is here.

International Studies at HSU

The International Studies Program at Humboldt State University was founded in 1999 and has grown steadily ever since. It has always been interdisciplinary, designed to bring together the strengths of faculty from across the university to examine the major issues of the contemporary world. A core curriculum dealing with economics, politics and culture, together with a language, provide the foundation for both the regional/issue expertise and a period of study abroad.
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