Security :: Identity Management

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Identity Management at HSU describes the process used to create a unified account for every individual associated with the University to provide access to the resources they need to fulfil their role at the University. It encompasses all of the systems and processes that provide access to computers, networks, and other digital resources. When students are admitted or new employees are hired, the identitiy management system creates an account and provides access to the systems and services appropriate to that individual's relationship with the University.   

All of this information is made available to the network whenever any individual logs in to the HSU network with their HSU User Name and Password, enabling them to access the tools and data they need. The system is updated every night to ensure everything is fully updated at the beginning of each business day.

Affiliation is an identity management term used to describe an individual's relationship to the University. Affiliations are stored on the network in directory servers such as Active Directory and LDAP.

The most widely used HSU affiliations are:

From a technical perspective, affiliations are stored in directory user records under the eduPersonAffiliation attribute, and in AD and LDAP under HSU-Groups. Learn more about Groups and Affiliations

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