Policy :: Identity and Access Management

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CSU Access Control Policy 8060 requires a secure and reliable method of identifying individuals and appropriate access to electronic data resources. Humboldt State University relies on records created in Peoplesoft Human Capital Management (HCM) for the collection and maintenance of identifying attributes to ensure that electronic identities match the appropriate persons. The University identity registry provides information that electronic systems use to authenticate individuals and authorize services based on affiliation or relationship data stored in the Peoplesoft systems.


This policy applies to Humboldt State University students, employees, affiliates, contractors, and auxiliary organization members as well as individuals authorized to perform identity management functions on behalf of the University.


The University will maintain an identity registry that will serve as a comprehensive, authoritative central store for identity and access data. 


The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is responsible for Identity and Access Management governance at Humboldt State University. The HSU Data Managers governance group will review affiliation definitions for all records that affect account status and service availability.

Humboldt State University students, employees, affiliates, and auxiliary organization members must maintain accurate contact and demographic data in Peoplesoft HCM and Student systems.

Individuals authorized to create and maintain user biographical and job records in Peoplesoft HCM must follow established business processes for records within their scope of authority.

  • HSU Payroll is responsible for the creation and termination of all employee job records
  • HSU Human Resources is responsible for the creation and maintenance of non-faculty employee biographical records
  • HSU Academic Personnel is responsible for the creation of faculty employee biographical records.  Academic Department Coordinators are authorized to create biographical records for new faculty.