PeopleSoft gets a new look for the New Year

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Starting January 13th 2014, PeopleSoft HCM, including Student Center and Faculty Center, will have a whole new look and feel that's more modern, cleaner, and easier to use. Read on to learn more about the new PeopleSoft interface

All the PeopleSoft applications at HSU - Human Capital Management (HCM), which includes Student Center and Faculty Center, and Finance (CFS) - are built on a foundation called PeopleTools. Starting with PeopleSoft HCM at 5pm on Friday January 10th, 2014, we will be upgrading PeopleTools to the latest version, PeopleTools 8.53 (PeopleSoft CFS will receive its PeopleTools upgrade in April 2014). PeopleSoft HCM, Student Center, and Faculty Center will be unavailable from 5pm on January 10th until the morning of Monday January 13th.

This upgrade primarily provides us with a platform on which to build future new functionality, but one change that everyone will see right away is a brand-new user interface design. When you access PeopleSoft HCM on Monday January 13th 2014, instead of seeing the familiar, and now rather old-fashioned looking, PeopleSoft interface:

PeopleSoft 851 interface

You'll see a cleaner and more modern interface:

PeopleSoft 853 interface

PeopleSoft Finance (CFS) will move to the new template in April, so watch for more news on that nearer the time.

None of the functionality has changed - you'll still use the same commands and menu items to access the PeopleSoft information you need - but the experience will be easier and more intuitive than before.

Note that, for the moment, the PeopleSoft self-service pages that students access through myHumboldt will retain their current look and feel.

Additional technical information about the PeopleTools upgrade can be found on the CSU website.