Accessibility :: Website Development for Accessibility

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The Internet is one of the most important communications media used at Humboldt State University. It connects users to information sources and to each other, delivers coursework, and enables self-service administrative tasks such as registering for classes. Web pages must be reasonably accessible to enable students, faculty, staff, and the general public to participate fully in the HSU community.    Web technology and web accessibility are extremely dynamic areas, which can make it challenging for developers to ensure websites are accessible by all those who need to use them. For this reason, the University maintains a Web Accessibility Group site which provides links to information resources, schedules for Web Accessibility Workshops for developers, and other materials to help keep web developers up to date.   Many academic departments, colleges, and student service offices create and maintain their own websites. If those websites provide information or access to services for the University community, the site’s developers are required to check their sites for accessibility before "going live". Developers are strongly encouraged to use one of the accessibility verification tools listed on the Web Accessibility Group site to check for compliance with legally-mandated accessibility requirements and to identify areas that could improve the usability of the site for all potential users. However, whether the developer uses one of these tools, a different tool of his or her own choosing, or does the checking manually, checking must follow the University’s web accessibility criteria to ensure compliance with the law and University accessibility policies.   The University Webmaster will not link an “official” HSU web page (as defined in the University’s World Wide Web policy) to the University’s homepage without first checking the page for accessibility using one of the accessibility verification tools noted above. Similarly, the Courseware Development Center will not make web-based course materials available for faculty without first checking the course web site for accessibility.    Any user experiencing difficulty in accessing a University website should contact the webmaster for that site, the University Webmaster, or the Student Disability Resource Center for assistance.