Campus Connections :: Moodle Mania!

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by Bill Bateman, Moodle Support Specialist

Award or makeover – what will your Moodle site get?

Moodle usage is increasing and more online courses being developed all the time. That means effective design and careful selection of applications are critical to creating an effective learning environment. With that goal in mind, Moodle Support and the Distance Learning Program are asking students to nominate Moodle sites that are really working for them or that have “issues”. As a result, you could be either the proud owner of the Moodle Excellence Reward Inspiration Trophy (MERIT) for a month or the subject of a “Makeover and a Movie.”

The MERIT award will recognize good use of design techniques, user friendliness, and how well the site meets its educational goals. A scoring rubric is being developed based on student input and design guidelines to determine the winning site. Each month, one winner will receive a Gold Star image for their Moodle page, a physical Moodle Star for their office, and the coveted MERIT trophy to display for a full month.

If you are selected for a Makeover, don’t be downhearted. You’ll benefit from a personalized session with our team that will help you to increase the effectiveness of your Moodle site. In addition to a rebuild, the lucky recipient will also get a coupon for a free video rental from a local store.

To nominate Moodle sites for either category, call me at (707) 826-4213 after Oct 17th or send email to