Campus Connections :: What if Computer Labs Could Come to You?

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by Chris Hansen, Director, Academic Technology

Traditionally, computer labs were places with computers that had specific software on them (but not always the same software in each lab). They had set hours and a set number of computers. If the lab was full or closed, you were out of luck.

That’s why ITS has created a Virtual Lab (VLab) to give you access to lab software from just about anywhere through any computer or wireless device using VLab client software. While we don’t have all the traditional lab software installed on the VLab yet – there are compatibility and licensing issues to be figured out - we have started populating VLab. Right now, you can use:

  • Acrobat X Pro
  • Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES2
  • Microsoft Excel Viewer
  • Microsoft Power Point Viewer
  • Microsoft Word Viewer
  • Minitab 16
  • RAMAS EcoLab

More titles will be added soon, and we encourage you to submit suggestions using the software request form.  In the meantime, you can subscribe to the existing applications at

Give it a try, day or night, from anywhere you have Internet access.