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Web :: Development Web Server

Best practices tell us that doing your site development and testing on a development server is the right thing to do.

When you request a website, that website will be created on two servers: and Developers will be assigned to both servers as well.

We strongly encourage you to do your behind-the-scenes work and testing on Once you have your site the way you like, you can move the files over to and your site will be live!


Web :: Password-protecting Directories

For security reasons, web access to directories must be limited and protected against tampering. The process of limiting web access to a directory behind a user name and password involves two steps. For each of these steps, you will need to create a text file using a simple text editor such as Notepad, TextEdit, or TextWrangler. After performing the steps outlined below, you will need to save the file as a text file using the filenames exactly as specified in the instructions. These files  then need to be uploaded to the HSU web server with your sftp client as directed. 


Web :: New Web Servers

Information Technology Services operates two web servers, which enables us to separate internal- and external-facing HSU sites for ease of management and more secure distribution of information. It also enables us to make better and more effective use of the latest web technologies both for instructional purposes and in presenting the University to the world at large.


Forms :: Disk Quota Increase Request

This form should be submitted by faculty and staff only, and is only for web sites on HSU's web server. If you are a student and need additional disk space, your instructor can request it on your behalf using this form.

This increase will be completed within 24 hours after it is received by the Operations staff.


Web :: Accessibility Training

The Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) is an initiative from the Chancellor's Office to make HSU's information technology accessible to all students, faculty, staff and the general public regardless of disability.


Web :: Central Web Server Site Maintenance

File Names & Locations

Your departmental web site URL will always be Each of your sites will show up as a folder (link) inside your personal directory on the Central Web server and the files for your sites are stored in the site folder under public_html, for example /home/abc123/sitename/public_html.


Web :: Connecting to the Central Web Server

Before you can publish information to your site on the HSU Central Web server, you must first activate your account. Once that's done, your site will be available for development at<sitename>.


Web :: Becoming a Web Developer

If you need to developan official website, you'll need to follow this process.


Web Publishing :: Creating an Official Website

To get an official website, you must complete the ATI survey (once) and visit Account Settings to to request a site. Detailed steps are below.