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Security :: Security Resources for ITS Support Staff

IT personnel are expected to have a solid understanding of information security issues, both in general and how they apply specifically to the use of computers on the HSU campus. For ease of use, this page brings together a number of security-related resources - you're encouraged to review and become familiar with them.


Security :: Cornell Spider - Linux

Spider is an open source network forensics tool developed at Cornell University to identify the presence of sensitive information on a computer or attached storage device.


Security :: Cornell Spider - Macintosh OS X

Spider is an open source network forensics tool developed at Cornell University to identify the presence of Personally-Identifiable Information (PII) on a computer.


Security :: Cornell Spider - Windows

Spider is an open source network forensics tool developed at Cornell University to identify the presence of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on a computer.


Security :: Identity Finder for Windows

Identity Finder Professional is HSU's preferred solution for protected information scans. It is a commercial product that requires an annual subscription fee; there is no campus contract for Identity Finder licenses, so units wishing to use the software will need to purchase their own licenses. More information is available on the Identity Finder website.


Security :: Macintosh OS X Disk Encryption Utility

The Disk Utility program in Mac OS X enables you to create disk images (.dmg), similar to those you encounter when you install software on your Mac. When you double-click on this type of file, your computer mounts it as though it were a DVD or hard drive. In fact, you can think of mounted disk images as virtual drives. You can also add password protection to disk images when you create them.


Security :: 7-Zip Windows Encryption

7-Zip is an open source file archiver designed for Microsoft Windows. 7-Zip uses the 7z archive format, and can read and write to other popular archive formats. The program can be used from a command line interface, graphical user interface, or Windows shell integration. 

7-Zip may be used to create encrypted files or folder copies for moving information to a different device - for example copying and moving to an external flash drive, hard drive, or phone. It does not, however, replace the use of BitLocker for storing data on a fixed drive.


Security :: TrueCrypt Encryption for Windows 2000 & Linux

TrueCrypt is an open source on-the-fly encryption program for Windows 2000 and Linux; it should NOT be used with Windows 7 or Vista (use BitLocker with these OSs).


Security :: dm-crypt Encryption for Linux Ubuntu

Do not encrypt the only copy of protected data. Mobile devices have a greater exposure to damaging environments, and data on these devices, encrypted or not, can suddenly become unrecoverable. Please work closely with ITS to ensure that you create data security, not a data disaster.


Security :: Linux Fedora Disk Encryption

Fedora 11 uses dm-crypt/LUKS to perform Block Level encryption of a file system. LUKS (Linux Unified Key Setup) is a specification for block device encryption.