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myHumboldt Evolution 3 is here!

The third evolution of myHumboldt is here! With it comes the first dedicated staff and faculty content, with pagelets representing different departments and divisions on campus that will deliver fresh news to desktops (and tablets, and smartphones) on a regular basis. There's also instant access to forms and other frequently used administrative tasks.


The third evolution of myHumboldt brings one-stop access to everything you need to be successful at HSU. Staff, faculty, and students now have customized tabs that display information relevant to their roles at the University. Read more about myHumboldt evolution 3!


Forms :: Exiting Employee Form

As a courtesy to our customers, Information Technology Services has implemented this web-based form that exiting employees can use to gain clearance from our department (section #2 of the HSU SEPARATING EMPLOYEE CLEARANCE FORM).

This web-form is only to be used to gain clearance from ITS -- all exiting employees must complete the HSU CLEARANCE FORM to properly exit the university.


Forms :: Alumni Account Requests

This form must be submitted by the Alumni Office.

If you are an alumnus of Humboldt State University and wish to establish an email account, please contact the Alumni office at 826-3132. This request will be processed within 24 working hours after it is received by the Operations staff.


Email :: Calendar Account Request

Your email account automatically comes with a calendar. You can create additional calendars for record keeping (e.g., student work schedules, departmental vacation calendars, University-wide deadlines, etc.) and share those with others.

If you need additional calendars, such as meeting locations or resources (equipment), that can be reserved by invitation, use this form to request those accounts.