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Google Apps Migration

Google Apps :: Mail Tips

To adjust your Gmail Inbox, Calendar, and Google Docs interface for the new look: Choose how much white space you prefer in your inbox.


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Google Apps :: Outlook :: Switching Profiles

If your ITC has pre-configured your Outlook client to use Google, you can easily switch to that profile once your migration day arrives.


Google Apps :: Outlook :: Importing Contacts & Calendars

If your ITC (technical support staff) has already configured your Outlook to use Google, you'll still need to import your calendar and contacts


Google Apps :: Installing Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook :: ITC Preparation

These instructions are intended for ITCs (technical support staff) who need to pre-configure Outlook in advance of the migration.  These steps will take you through installing the connector, configuring the profile, setting the mailbox size, and connecting an existing pst.  They do NOT take you through importing contacts or calendar.


Google Apps :: Video Tutorials

You may either watch these videos in high definition on YouTube or download a standalone MPEG-4, which you can play back using QuickTime, iTunes, or Windows Media Player


Google Apps Tips :: Troubleshooting Calendar Imports

If you receive an error when importing your calendar, try this work around, which typically solves the problem.

        Sample Error:

        Processed 756 events.

        Successfully imported 142 events.

        Failed to import events: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


Google Apps Tips :: Sharing Calendars

If you shared your calendars in Zimbra, you'll need to reshare them in


Google Apps Tips :: Translating Zimbra Calendars to Google Calendars

Both Zimbra and Google support multiple calendars; the difference with Google is that everything is directly connected to email addresses.