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Network Folder

Network Folders :: Faculty Shared Folder

Faculty can store files they want to share with their students (or other HSU faculty and staff) in the Faculty Shared Folder. Students can access these files from anywhere with an Internet connection.

How do I get a Faculty Shared Folder?

If you are a faculty member, you will automatically get a Faculty Shared Folder in your HSU Network Folder. When you connect to your Network Folder, you will see a folder that looks like this:


(Example: abc123-faculty_shared_folder)


Network Folders :: Your Account and Quota

The amount of space (or quota) you have in your HSU Network Folder is determined by your role at HSU. For students, your quota applies to your U: drive only; faculty quotas represent a combination of T: and U: drives. Your individual quota is the largest number that applies to your role in the table below.


Network Folders

HSU offers central file storage for all current students, staff and faculty that's accessible over the web from on or off campus. If you often use computers from multiple locations (such as computer labs and offices), your HSU Network Folder is a great way to be able to access your files at any time.