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Don't be a victim of identity theft!

Phishing and spam emails continue to appear in campus email. Please don't reply to them or click on any links!


HSU staff and students are STILL falling victim to email scams. Please remember that it's not just your security, but the security of all the information you have the authority to access on HSU networks that's at risk when you respond to or click on anything in a fraudulent email. Learn more about how to avoid email scammers.


Security :: Faculty Affiliations

Faculty are those individuals employed by the University who are also members of the California Faculty Union (Union Code R03). Note that some faculty members, such as Librarians, do not teach and will not get the same access as Instructors (a separate affiliation).


Security :: Staff Affiliations

A member of staff is defined as an individual employed by the University. In practice, the term generally refers to non-teaching members of the HSU professional community.

See what services are available to members of staff.


Security :: Student Affiliations

Student affiliations encompass a wide range of roles students may find themselves in during their association with the University:


Security :: Affiliations and Groups


The terms Affiliations and Groups are used to define the roles and relationships people have with HSU. Affiliations are represented in two ways: in the user’s record or as a member of a particular group. At HSU, affiliations are published in LDAP user records in the eduPersonAffiliation attribute, and in AD and LDAP under HSU-Groups.

Common HSU affiliations include:


Security :: Identity Management

Identity Management at HSU describes the process used to create a unified account for every individual associated with the University to provide access to the resources they need to fulfil their role at the University. It encompasses all of the systems and processes that provide access to computers, networks, and other digital resources. When students are admitted or new employees are hired, the identitiy management system creates an account and provides access to the systems and services appropriate to that individual's relationship with the University.   


Security :: Password Manager Software

While we're always encouraging you to use strong passwords, and you already know you should use different passwords for different sites to protect your personally-identifiable information, we recognize that it's challenging to remember multiple password-user name combinations and what goes with which site. So, we've done some research and come up with a list of password manager applications we feel comfortable recommending to securely store all your passwords in a single location, which is much safer and more efficient than Post-It notes, browser caches, or Word documents.


Security :: Password Expiration

To comply with Federal and State law as well as CSU security policies and standards, Humboldt State University requires all staff, faculty, and students to change their passwords on a regular basis. If you receive an email informing you that your HSU Password is scheduled to expire, you MUST follow the instructions and change your password BEFORE the expiration date. If you need help coming up with a strong password, check out these suggestions for choosing a good password.