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Policy :: Information Security Laws & Regulations

Follow the links below to learn more about how federal and state laws impact information security and the use of computers.

Breach Notification Laws

Notification of Disclosure of Private Data


Policy :: Computer Hardware

If You're Bringing Your Own Computer

Humboldt State University provides guidelines and recommendations for minimum computer configurations, along with hints and tips on how to best take care of your computer on campus.


Policy :: Conditions of Use


Specific resource policy statements for all ITS systems should be read before you first log on to any central system.

Email Server

I understand that my name will be available as the owner of this account to anyone logged into any computer on the Internet. By activating this account, I give full permission for my name to be made available in this manner.


Software :: Acquisition Policy

Policy relating to the acquisition of software for use in the Interdisciplinary Computer Labs is documented in University Management Letter 84-3.

Following are the most important take-aways from that policy document:


Policies :: Lab Policies

It is important for all users of Humboldt State University's computing lab resources to recognize that we are all responsible for the well-being and continued availability of the computing, network, and information resources we use. While it is natural for universities to promote the open exchange of ideas, an open computing network can be vulnerable to abuse or misuse.


Accessibility :: Workstation and Lab Accessibility

There are about 1,100 computer workstations available to students at Humboldt State University. Some of these are single workstations, some in computing laboratories managed by departments for discipline-specific instruction and use, some in laboratories managed by Information Technology Services and available for general campus use, and others in facilities managed by service units that provide information and online services to students, such as the Testing Center. No matter how these workstations are situated and managed, they must be reasonably accessible.