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Purchasing - Hardware

Purchasing :: Hardware Purchasing Overview

In consultation with users and in collaboration with the CSU, which negotiates discount prices for PCs based on volume across all campuses, ITS determines multiple levels of hardware standards and negotiates prices with vendors. ITS also investigates other hardware solutions (Apple computers and devices, printers, etc.).


New Computer & Printer Purchase Standards

To reduce costs and improve technical services to the campus community, ITS has negotiated a new PC purchasing agreement with Dell and a new printer purchasing agreement with Sehi Computer Products, Inc., a specialist supplier of HP products and equipment.

More details about these programs can be found on the following ITS web pages:

In 2011, there were 225 different models of PC and 217 different models of printer on campus! This is clearly inefficient on many levels, and so, to reduce costs and improve technical services to the campus community, ITS has negotiated new purchasing deals for PCs and printers. Read more ...

Purchasing :: Printer Recommendations

Your printer needs are determined by the size of your department and the volume of printing you do. Review the suggestions below regarding the volume of printing your department or workgroup does to create a shortlist of potential solutions. Click the appropriate link for more details of each recommended model.

When you're ready to place your order, follow these printer purchase guidelines.


Purchasing :: Computer Standards

Computers for official use at HSU can be purchased by anyone with the authority to use a Procurement Credit Card or sign off on a Requisition/Purchase Order. When you're planning to purchase a new computer for your office or department, please refer to the descriptions below to select the most appropriate model for your needs; these are the models recommended by ITS and are available for purchase at a discount from the HSU Bookstore's Jacks Technology Center or direct from Dell or Apple.