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Data Warehouse Leadership Team :: Meeting Notes and Handouts, April 17, 2013

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Data Warehouse Leadership TeamApril 17, 2013 Meeting Notes

Campus Data Survey Results

  • Results from the Campus Data Questionnaire were handed out and discussed.
  • The survey yielded a good amount of preliminary data to sort and evaluate. Sorting responses into staff/faculty subsets may allow for more meaningful analysis.
  • A subset of the full Leadership Team (Joyce, Anna, Phil and John) will meet to review, evaluate and summarize respondents’ narrative comments in preparation for the next Committee meeting.
  • Survey responses are to remain confidential to the Data Warehouse Leadership Team.

SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)

  • The Committee divided into small groups to brainstorm and assess the Data Warehouse(s) current effectiveness in collecting, analyzing and providing information.  Each group listed their ideas for the four SWOT categories.
  • Results of the brainstorm will be transcribed and presented at the next meeting for discussion and Action Item prioritization.

Action Item Prioritization

  • The SWOT Analysis, combined with survey results, should yield a good pool of action items to discuss and prioritize.
  • There are several databases outside of the data warehouse that ITS manages that should be identified and included in the discussion.
  • Some considerations for determining Action Item priorities:
    • What will help the most people?
    • What will eliminate the most risk?
    • Do we have a good understanding of who we’re representing?

For the next meeting:

  • Joyce, Anna, Phil and John will begin reviewing and evaluating narrative comments from the Campus Data Survey results.  They will summarize their findings for the next Committee meeting.
  • Anna will e-mail the Committee with a brief overview of the ITS Enterprise Data Warehouse.
  • Phil will transcribe the SWOT Analysis lists to present at the next meeting.
  • Committee members will collect information about how their respective areas store and work with database information. Collectively, the Committee will try to capture information about all campus data warehouses across the board.
  • At next meeting, the committee will vote to establish and prioritize action items.

Next Meeting: 9:00 am, Wednesday, May 1st