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Data Warehouse Leadership Team :: Meeting Notes and Handouts :: Data Warehouse Governance

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The HSU Data Warehouse

The purpose of the HSU Data Warehouse is to provide a single, comprehensive data resource that will serve the entire campus community as a tool for strategic planning, decision making and day-to-day operations.  The goal of the HSU Data Warehouse is to help the university account for, leverage and focus our resources more effectively.  Data Warehouse services are the result of a coordinated partnership between functional and technical units, who are represented in all activities.


Data Warehouse Leadership Team

The Data Warehouse Leadership Team consists of one Report and Data Expert from each division who provides direct business intelligence support to their respective Vice President; one representative each from Institutional Research, Human Resources, and Academic Personnel Services; the Chief Information Officer; and the Vice President of Administrative Affairs. The Director of Enterprise Technology and systems analysts from Enterprise Data Management and Institutional Research provide staff support to the Leadership Team. Collectively, the members of the Leadership Team commit to representing the reporting and analytics interests and needs of all the functional areas of the HSU organization.

The responsibilities of the Leadership Team are to:

  • Ensure that the comprehensive set of integrated strategies (policy, procedure, training, and technology) which both protect and leverage our data warehouse assets are in place;
  • Manage the Data Warehouse Roadmap, assuring an overall Data Warehouse design and architecture that (1) promotes data consistency, reliability and quality; (2) continually expands and improves service to the reporting and analytics needs of the university; and (3) consolidates the various data warehousing efforts across campus into this single resource;
  • Ensure investment and priorities in the Data Warehouse are aligned with campus priorities, goals and objectives, maintaining a balance between adding new data sources and maintaining existing systems;
  • Approval and review of projects related to the Data Warehouse;
  • Service level monitoring and Data Warehouse performance assessment;
  • Communications with the Business Report Analysts group, the Vice Presidents, and other campus stakeholders.


Report and Data Experts

Each Vice President designates, and is supported by, at least one Report and Data Expert.  The responsibilities of the Experts are:

  • Define and create dashboards for their own subject areas that serve division-level strategic objectives
  • Work with Enterprise Data Management group to build cross-subject area reports/dashboards
  • Conduct ad-hoc reporting and analysis, as needed by their respective Vice Presidents, that crosses subject areas and fiscal years
  • Assist functional areas in defining needs, building reports and validating data


Report and Data Analysts Group

Members of the Report and Data Analysts Group are appointed by their Vice President.  The Group has at least one representative from each of the major data-producing and data-consuming functional units across campus.  The responsibilities of the Analysts Group are to:

  • Participate in ongoing training and professional development activities to increase their knowledge about, and facility with, the HSU Data Warehouse
  • Meet regularly as reporting teams within each major subject area (finance, human resources, student) to collaborate on reporting priorities, and validate these priorities with their respective managers
  • Design, produce and validate the core set of operational reports needed for their area
  • Provide Tier One support for functional users utilizing operational reports in their area 
  • Conduct trainings for other report authors about area-specific data and report building  


Members, Leadership Team - March 2013

Chair: Joyce Lopes, Vice President, Administrative Affairs

Academic Affairs Data Expert: Volga Koval

Student Affairs Data Expert: Dale Sandford

Administrative Affairs Data Expert: Amber Blakeslee

University Advancement Data Expert: Sandra Joubert-Amiel

Human Resources: Denise Giltzow

Academic Personnel Services: Melissa Koval

Institutional Research: Jacqueline Honda

Chief Information Officer: Anna Kircher


Staff to the Leadership Team:

Systems Analyst, Enterprise Data Management: Ronda Stemach

Systems Analyst, Institutional Research: Ward Headstrom