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Data Warehouse Leadership Team :: Meeting Notes and Handouts, January 23, 2014

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Leadership Team Member Representing In Attendance
Joyce Lopes Vice President, Administrative Affairs X
Volga Koval Academic Affairs Data Expert X
Dale Sanford Student Affairs Data Expert
Amber Blakeslee Administrative Affairs Data Expert X
Denise Giltzow Human Resources
Melissa Koval Academic Personnel Services X
Jacqueline Honda Institutional Research  
Anna Kircher Chief Information Officer  
Staff to the Leadership Team Representing  
Ronda Stemach Systems Analyst, Enterprise Data Management X
Bethany Rizzardi Director, Information Systems X
Additional Participants Representing  
Teal Sexton University Budget Office X
John Filce Institutional Research X
Phil Rouse Process Improvement  
Travis Williams University Advancement X


Agenda Topic and Meeting Summary

1. Datadev Status Report

  • The Datadev site has been tested and feedback has been largely positive. There has been some feedback about categorization and a few minor bugs.
  • Bethany Rizzardi will work on identifying and correcting bugs, and will e‐mail the DWLT with her progress and specific feedback notes.

2. Campuswide Communication

  • Once the Datadev site has been approved for wider use, campus communication will be distributed via e‐mail. 

3. Datacookbook.com

  • The group discussed Data Cookbook’s pros and cons, and how it compares to HSU’s in‐ house data reporting and glossary tools.
  • Key considerations: data definition governance, OBI/dashboard integration, and cost comparison.
  • Bethany Rizzardi will schedule a follow‐up Data Cookbook session so that the DWLT can further explore this option and develop a recommendation.

4. KPIs and Dashboards

  • The DWLT will split into subgroups to develop two robust, helpful, and timely dashboards for a VP audience:
  • Enrollment Group: Student acceptance/registration and housing data.
  • HR Group: Tenure track position data. Subgroups will meet separately and report back on their progress.

5. Next Meeting:

  •  Tuesday, February 4, 1-2pm, SBS 405.