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Data Warehouse Leadership Team :: Meeting Notes and Handouts, July 17, 2013

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Leadership Team Member Representing In Attendance
Joyce Lopes Vice President, Administrative Affairs  
Volga Koval Academic Affairs Data Expert X
Dale Sanford Student Affairs Data Expert X
Amber Blakeslee Administrative Affairs Data Expert X
Sandra Joubert-Amiel University Advancement Data Expert  
Denise Giltzow Human Resources  
Melissa Koval Academic Personnel Services X
Jacqueline Honda Institutional Research X
Anna Kircher Chief Information Officer X
Staff to the Leadership Team Representing  
Ronda Stemach Systems Analyst, Enterprise Data Management
Ward Headstrom Systems Analyst, Institutional Research  
Josh Callahan Director, Enterprise Technology X
Bethany Rizzardi Director, Information Systems X
Additional Participants Representing  
Teal Sexton University Budget Office X
John Filce Institutional Research X
Phil Rouse Process Improvement X
Travis Williams Advancement X


Agenda Topics and Meeting Summary

1. Review proposals/status updates by two subgroups:

Subgroup A: Define what data is available and not; what data is connected and what we’d like to connect.

  • The subgroup has collected information about what data is/isn’t available, and discussed how best to present data to the campus. A web interface offering access to selectable reports is in progress.
  • Demonstration and discussion of the user interface:
  • For requestors: The web interface includes multiple ways of searching for reports: by subject area, intended audience, tags, data sources, search field, etc.
  • For contributors: Interfaces for adding reports, reporting tools, data sources, and contacts are in development.
  • The committee offered feedback on the user interface, and on the intended scope of the site. Next steps: Use data from compiled sources to populate reports. Continue to develop the user interface, incorporating feedback from today’s discussion.

Subgroup B: Address process for asking/vetting, prioritizing, and providing informational tools.

  • Dispatcher, Gatekeeper and Listener role definitions have been drafted and distributed (see handout).
  • The committee discussed KBOX ticket forms, how to accommodate requests for fine‐tuned reports, and the possibility of developing ‘Report Expert’ roles to efficiently provide reports for upper management.
  • Next Steps: Meet to begin defining KBOX ticket forms in more detail.

2. Next Meeting: August 15th, 8‐9am, Nelson Hall East 113