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Data Warehouse Leadership Team :: Meeting Notes and Handouts, June 5, 2013

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Leadership Team Member Representing In Attendance
Joyce Lopes Vice President, Administrative Affairs X
Volga Koval Academic Affairs Data Expert X
Dale Sanford Student Affairs Data Expert X
Amber Blakeslee Administrative Affairs Data Expert X
Sandra Joubert-Amiel University Advancement Data Expert
Denise Giltzow Human Resources X
Melissa Koval Academic Personnel Services X
Jacqueline Honda Institutional Research X
Anna Kircher Chief Information Officer X
Staff to the Leadership Team Representing  
Ronda Stemach Systems Analyst, Enterprise Data Management  
Ward Headstrom Systems Analyst, Institutional Research  
Josh Callahan Director, Enterprise Technology X
Additional Participants Representing  
Teal Sexton University Budget Office X
John Filce Institutional Research X
Phil Rouse Process Improvement X
Travis Williams Advancement X


Agenda Topics and Meeting Summary

1.0 Beach Ball Exercise Results

  • Individual responses to top two issues were distributed and reviewed by the team.
  • A roundtable discussion revealed the two highest priority tasks for two Data Warehouse Leadership Team (DWLT) subgroups to address.
  • Task 1 (Team: Teal Sexton, Travis Williams, Jacque Honda, Josh Callahan, Denise Giltzow, Joyce Lopes) Define what data is available and not; what data is connected and what we’d like to connect.
  • Task 2 (Team: Amber Blakeslee, John Filce, Dale Sanford, Phil Rouse, Volga Koval, Anna Kircher, Melissa Koval) Address process for asking/vetting, prioritizing, and providing informational tools.

Address other issues such as:

  • Resources
  • Silos
  • ‘Quiet’users/’squeakywheel’
  • Access
  • Each subgroup will meet at least once prior to the next DWLT meeting.

Next meetings

Due to EOC training conflicts and the 4th of July holiday, the next two meetings have been moved

  • June 19th moved to June 18th at 9:00am in NHE 113
  • July 3rd moved to July 1st at 9:00am in NHE 113