Email :: Choosing an Email Client

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We recommend that everyone (Windows, Mac and Linux users) use the “Google Apps Web Client” to enjoy the best email experience. You’ll be able to use the same interface whether you are on or off campus, your email and contacts will look the same no matter where you are, and your calendar will appear in the same application as your email.

The only exception might be if you frequently rely on "off-line" mode for reading and replying to your email - for example, if you read and reply to emails in locations where you don’t have Internet connectivity. Then you might want to consider using Google Apps Sync for Outlook or Mac Mail.  These clients provide nearly the same functionality as as the Google Apps Web Client, plus the ability to synchronize your email and calendar before and after you perform off-line work. These clients require a small amount of configuration to work properly.

Getting Email on your Mobile Device

If you plan to use a smartphone or other mobile device to access your HSU email, please take a moment to protect your data by following Simple Ways to Lock Your Smartphone before you configure your mobile device to access email. You'll also find some useful hints and tips in Ten Steps to Mobile Device Security.

Supported Clients

Using a supported client means you will be able to get assistance from the Technology Help Desk on configuring and using client-side email. These clients were chosen based on their capabilities and integration with the Google Apps server, but be aware that being a supported client does not necessarily mean imply that all of the features of Google Apps will be available to you. More information on supported email clients can be found on the following pages:

No Longer Supported Clients

The clients listed below were previously supported by the Technology Help Desk but because of their limited functionality (no calendar support, no synced address books, no shared address books), we have had to remove them from our Supported Clients list.

  • Entourage
  • Eudora
  • Thunderbird

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but be assured that the benefits of using a supported client will quickly outweigh the adjustments in changing clients..Assistance with and configuration guides for unsupported clients is available and thus we can no longer recommend their use.

Unsupported Clients

Any clients not listed in the Supported Client List are considered unsupported.

While any standards-based (IMAP or POP) client will work for reading your email, you'll be missing out on the features and support available in Google Apps and other supported clients.

The Bottom Line

Technically, any email client that can handle POP or IMAP will work, but be aware that there may be some limitations with using these other clients - mostly the ability to look up email addresses while composing a new email message, or to view other users’ free/busy times on their calendars. We want you to have a great experience with email, and picking a client that isn't on our Supported Client list may leave you frustrated. We also want you to be able to get help for the client you use. Picking a supported client and discussing your client choice with ITS or the Technology Help Desk will result in the best possible scenario for you.