Email :: Class and Teaching Schedules

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Class and teaching schedules are available in your Google calendar, and are created directly from Faculty & Student Center to save you entering all your classes into the calendar yourself.

How do I find my calendar?

In Gmail, click on the Calendar tab. Your classes are added directly to your calendar..

This calendar shows your scheduled classes as "Busy" so other people can't schedule you to attend meetings during those times.

When do calendars get updated?

This calendar is updated if any changes are made to your schedule (e.g., you add or drop a class, or the time or location changes). These updates are processed overnight, so you might not see the change immediately.

Can I make changes to this calendar?

It is not a good idea to make changes to your Class or Teaching Schedule (such as adding events or moving class sessions) in Google, because the changes will be erased when your calendar is updated. 

What about my final exam?

The Final Exam period shown on your calendar is calculated based on the official Final Exam Schedule. Instructors will notify their students of any modifications to the Final Exam; those notifications will supersede the Final Exam period on your calendar.

What if I teach AND take classes?

All of your classes will be added to your calendar.