Frequently Asked Questions

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Zimbra allowed larger attachment sizes than Google does.  Consequently, emails with large attachments (greater than 20 MB) didn't move over with the rest of your mail.

If you'd like to find these attachments and save them, you can log into Zimbra and perform a search for your files.

  1. Log in to Zimbra (
  2. Click in the search bar, above your mail
  3. Enter:size: >15mb
  4. Click Search
  5. Your messages with large attachments will be displayed.  You can download them for future reference.
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When your mail was moved to Google, Google couldn't accept any attachments larger than 25 MB.  This means that you may be missing some mail in Google.  To find these emails (so you can download the attachments), you should perform this search in Zimbra:

  1. Login to Zimbra (
  2. Click in the Search box above your mail
  3. Paste "size: >15mb" (minus the quotes)
  4. Click Search
  5. Your messages that are larger than 15 MB will be displayed.  You should download the attachments to make sure you have them. 
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Unfortunately, Google doesn't recognize Zimbra's tags. These will be lost in the migration.

Google does allow you to place a message in more than one label (folder), and you can also use stars.

See /its/google-labels

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If you have access to another email account (for example, the mail for your department), this account will be moved on the same day that their owner is moved to Google.  An account owner is the person who is primarily responsible for the account.  In some cases, account owners have changed but were never updated.  If this is the case, the account you access may move to Google before or after you move. 

If your mail does move ahead of you (e.g., you are no longer getting mail in Google), you could log in to Google Apps (from the webmail login page) to access that mail in the interim.

If you move to Google and the mail for that account is still going to Zimbra, you should email the Technology Help Desk at and ask them to move that account.  We'll be a little busy helping folks move, so if we can't get that account moved right away, you can still login to Zimbra to check that mail.

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The folder you see in Google is just a copy of the mail that was in that account when you moved.  All new mail is still going to the account, but you access it a different way.  Learn how to access shared inboxes.

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In Zimbra, a shared inbox would show up in your folder list. In Google, things work a little differently.

First, the Technology Help Desk will need to share the inbox with you. We've already done that for the accounts that were on Zimbra.

Second, you need to ACCEPT that share. You would have received an email from "Humboldt State University Team" with a subject of "XXX has granted you access to their Humboldt State University account -- accept or deny?". Go find that email and click the link to accept the request.

Finally, about 30 minutes after you click that link, you'll notice a little drop-down arrow next to your email address at the top of the screen. Click on that arrow and click the name of the shared inbox. The shared inbox will open in a new browser tab or window. You'll have full access to the mail in this account (including sending).

Outlook users will need to open that shared account. See Opening a shared inbox in Outlook.

If you need this account shared with someone else, you'll need to contact the Technology Help Desk or call (707) 826-HELP (4357).

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If you get an error when importing your Zimbra calendar, see Troubleshooting Calendar Imports.

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This happened because Google won't allow us to set a forwarding email for your account. You have to set it up yourself.  (You should have received an email or two about this, but your account may have been missed).

Don't worry - your mail isn't lost (it's waiting for you in your Google Apps account).

To set up your forward: 1) Login to your HSU Google Apps account (, and 2) follow the instructions at

As a reminder, your Humboldt State University email account is an official form of communication between you and the university. You are responsible for checking your HSU email account for official communications. Although you may elect to redirect messages sent to your official HSU email address to another address, you do so at your own risk. Having an email lost as a result of re-direction does not absolve you from responsibilities associated with communication sent to your official university email address. The university is not responsible for the handling of email by outside vendors or unofficial servers.

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You can still login to to access any files/messages/contacts/calendars on Zimbra.  You should move these things quickly; however, because Zimbra goes away permanently on April 30, 2011.

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You'll need to export each of your Address Books in Zimbra and import them into your Contacts in Google Apps.  You'll also need to fix any contact groups you had.

See "What to move"

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You'll need to export each of your calendars in Zimbra and import them into your Calendar in Google Apps. You'll also need to re-share them.

See "What to move".

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Is it your migration day yet?  (Students move on January 10, Faculty and staff can look up the date of their department on the migration schedule)

If not, you'll want to wait until your migration day arrives.

If it is, contact the Technology Help Desk or call (707) 826-4357) to let them know that you aren't receiving any new mail in Google.

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It will take several hours (up to 24) for all of your mail to show up after we move your account.  If today is your migration day, it may just be that it's taking time for everything to show up.  If it's been more than 24 hours, contact the Help Desk (via online support form or 707.826.4357).

If you are missing mail that is sorted into folders, it may just be the way that Google displays folders (labels).  Learn about Labels and how to enable the Nested Labels lab so things will seem a little more orderly.

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Go to  Click on the Google login link and login with your  HSU User Name and Password.  Once we get the entire campus moved over, you won't have to click a link to login.

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Those accounts will show up in your Outlook after the person has shared them with you. They may not show up until you close and re-open Outlook.

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You can still forward email to an off-campus address, but you'll have to set that forward up in Google Apps (not Account Center). You may even want to give Google Apps a try (we think you'll like it!) and just start using it on your migration day!

To setup your forward:
1) Login to your HSU Google Apps account (, and 2) follow the instructions at You can do these steps now, or wait until your migration date.

If you had a forward in Zimbra and don't set up a forwarding address, your mail won't be lost (it will be waiting for you in your Google Apps account), but it won't arrive in the account you're used to checking.

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Google works with many different phones and other mobile devices to keep you connected when you're on the go. You'll find all the information you need on Google's mobile website

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If you use POP or IMAP with an stand alone mail client (Mac Mail, Thunderbird, etc.), you will be able to continue to use POP or IMAP, but you will have to change some settings. Configuration information:

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See for a list of schedule.  Classes are being added as they fill up.

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Webmail users:  You'll need to move your calendar, contacts, and briefcase items.  These can be exported & imported and only take a few minutes.  We have instructions and videos to show you how.  See Migration Instructions   You'll also need to re-share any calendars that were shared. If you used filters, tasks or documents, you'll have to manually move these.  We'll provide suggestions for making this easier.

Outlook users: Your ITC will help you get Outlook switched over to use Google Apps Sync for Outlook.  As part of that process, they can import your calendar, contacts, local mail, notes, journal entries, and tasks.  You'll need to re-share any calendars that were shared and recreate your filters.

POP/IMAP users: If you use some other mail client, you'll have to change your POP or IMAP settings. 

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Moving to Google Apps will dramatically increase the level of service we can offer to campus–– storage space, reliability, and functionality – without incurring any additional costs.

The change will give faculty, staff and students access to more advanced Web-based collaboration services, such as Google Docs (which allows multiple users to create, share, view and edit word processing documents, spreadsheets, forms and presentations in real time) and Google Talk (a chat function). And Google Apps provides over 25 gigabytes of storage space for users (our current storage allocations are 50 megabytes for students and 250 megabytes for faculty).

Not managing an internal email system any longer will free up time for system administrators to instead focus on improving other service offerings to campus -- to focus on innovation instead of maintaining infrastructure.

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Students and alumni will be moved to Google Mail on January 10.  Faculty and staff will be moved by department between February 7 - 18. See the migiration schedule to find out exactly when you're moving.

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Step-by-step instructions for making the change (including transferring your mail, calendar, and contacts) will be available to guide you through the process. See Migration Instructions.

We'll also schedule some open labs in February for those of you who want a little more hands-on help.

Google classes for HSU employees are available.  Sign up at

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You'll be able to export your contacts from Zimbra and import it right into Gmail. See Moving your Zimbra contacts to Google Apps

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You'll be able to export your calendar from Zimbra and import it right into Gmail.  You will need to re-share your calendar with those who previously had access. See Moving your Zimbra calendar to Google Apps

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Faculty & Staff:  No.  Your mail will continue to be sent from  All of your HSU email addresses (,,, etc.) will continue to receive mail.

Students: Maybe. If you haven't already selected an alias, you will need to do so. Your mail will be sent from All of your HSU email addresses (,, etc.) will continue to receive mail.

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On your migration date, all of your mail (even your folders) will be transferred over to your new Google Apps account. It may take a day or so for it all to arrive, but you'll still be able to login into Zimbra at (or your old mail client) to find messages that haven't transferred. See our Migration Information

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  • More space (25 GB) to keep all of your email online so you don't have to search for mail in two places


  • Smart Scheduler allows you to find a time slot for your group to meet
  • Search for and subscribe to any available public calendar
  • Sync your calendar with your Smart Phone

Google Docs

  • Google Docs provides a great online tool to edit and prepare documents
  • Collaborate with others on a document, spreadsheet, or presentation.
  • Share your Google documents with others

Other Tools

  • Chat with your teammates in real-time via Google Chat
  • Keep track of your favorite online information sources with Google Reader


  • Improved reliability (Google has more servers and System Administrators than HSU could ever possibly afford)
  • No more down times for upgrades