Frequently Asked Questions

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The amount of space (or quota) you have in your HSU Network Folder is determined by your role at HSU.

  General CNRS
Students 100 MB 500 MB (1/2 GB)
Staff 200 MB  
Faculty 300 MB 1000 MB (1 GB)


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Contact the Technology Help Desk at (707 )826-HELP (4357), send an email to, or stop by Library 120.

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Your account will be available to you long as you have an active affiliation with the University. When you leave or if you become an inactive user for any reason, you will no longer be able to access the files stored in your HSU Network Folder. If you wish to keep information that's stored in your Network Folder, you need to copy it onto a device of your own before access is withdrawn.

Here are the definitions of active and inactive users:

  Active Inactive
Student Currently enrolled in classes. Not enrolled in classes.
Staff Currently employed by the University. "Exited" from all positions. Not currently employed by the University.
Faculty Currently teaching or appointed to a permanent position. Not currently employed by the University.


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If you can't delete enough old files to free up space for new data, you can request an increase in storage quota in the Account Center. Requests for up to 50 MB over your default quota will be automatically granted and processed immediately; requests for larger amounts of space are evaluated individually. You will be notified by email when a decision is made.

 To request more space

  1. Log into myHumboldt
  2. Select Account Settings
  3. Select the Requests tab
  4.  Select the Request Access tab
  5. Section 1 - Select a user - check the box to Include Self
  6. Section 2 – Select resources and permissions
    1. System: select Folder Quota
    2. Click in box next to amount of quota increase requested
    3. Click Continue
  7. Section 3 – Specify access period
    1. Enter end date or leave default Permanent selection
  8. Section 4 – Click Submit Request
  9. Click Close

To view status of your request, select View Requests tab in Account Settings. In the Status column, status will display as Completed once the quota increase has been approved.

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When you've filled 90% or more of your Network Folder, you'll start receiving an email every week telling you that you've almost reached your quota. You'll also receive a notification email if your allocated storage amount is reduced because of an enrollment status change, or if a temporary increase expires. These notifications are a useful reminder to clean out old files and free up additional space.

If you move a large amount of data to your Network Folder in one go, the file transfer will fail if you don't have enough space. Once you've reached your quota, you won't be able to store any more files in your Network Folder until you free up space by deleting files or increase your quota through the Account Center.


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Log in to the Account Center, click on "Account Tools," and select "Network Folders Quota and Usage." You'll see a grid showing the storage space allocated to you and how much you've actually used. You can also use this page to request additional storage space.

When you're on campus, you can also check your usage as follows:

  • Windows - In My Computer, the "Total Size" (quota) and "Free Space" will be displayed next to your HSU Network Folder (typically, this is the U: drive).
  • Macintosh OS X - Open your HSU Network Folder in Finder. At the bottom of the window, your free space is listed as: "xxx MB available." You can also see “Capacity” (quota) and “Available” space by doing a “Get Info” from the file menu on the Network Folder.