Network Folders :: Faculty Shared Folder

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Faculty can store files they want to share with their students (or other HSU faculty and staff) in the Faculty Shared Folder. Students can access these files from anywhere with an Internet connection.

How do I get a Faculty Shared Folder?

If you are a faculty member, you will automatically get a Faculty Shared Folder in your HSU Network Folder. When you connect to your Network Folder, you will see a folder that looks like this:


(Example: abc123-faculty_shared_folder)

How do I store files in my Faculty Shared Folder?

You can use this folder just like any other folder. Simply place any file you want accessible to other HSU users in your Faculty Shared Folder. You can create subfolders within your Faculty Shared Folder to help organize your files.

Who can access these files?

All HSU users will be able to read these files. You will be the only one who can change these files.

Other HSU users will NOT be able to access files that are outside of your Faculty Shared Folder.

How do I find files that my Professor put online?

The Faculty Shared Folder is arranged in three ways:

  1. By HSU UserName (ex. abc123)
  2. By Department
  3. By Last Name

You can navigate through the folders using whichever view is most convenient for you. To see the folders listed by department, double click the _faculty-by-department folder. To see the folders by last name, double click the _faculty-by-name folder.

To get to the Faculty Shared Folder, you need to be connected to your HSU Network Folder. To find the Faculty Shared Folder, use the following:


Windows Vista, 7:

In a lab or office, look for the "T:"or "faculty" drive in My Computer.

Macintosh OS X:

In a lab or office, look for a desktop icon labeled "faculty"

Off-Campus & Wireless Users

Web Browser (download only):

Open a web browser and navigate to You will be prompted to login with your HSU User Name and Password. Log in at the first screen using:

Username: HSU-AD[your user name]
Password: [your password]

Who do I contact if I have problems?

Contact the Technology Help Desk at (707) 826-HELP (4357), send an email to, or stop by Library 120.