Network Folders :: Setting Up a Mapped Drive

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If you only expect to be accessing your HSU Network Folder on campus, you can set up a mapped drive, which makes the folder appear as an additional hard drive on your computer. Under Windows, it will show up as a drive in MyComputer; Macintosh users will see an icon on their desktop.

Staff and Faculty should contact their ITC for assistance in connecting to their Network Folder before following the instructions below to set up the mapped drive.

Before you begin ...

To configure a mapped drive, you will need to have available:

  • Your HSU User Name
  • The address of the server containing your Network Folder
  • The drive letter or mounting name to use for the Network Folder

Your HSU User Name is the part of your campus email address before the @ symbol. Users not connected to HSU's Active Directory Domain will need to enter their User Name as HSU-AD\HSUUserName

The primary academic server address is :\\folders\

The drive letter or mounting name will vary depending on the operating system in use.


T:\ - Faculty Folders (\\folders\faculty)
U:\ - User's Network Folder (\\folders\"HSUUserName")
G:\ - Group share folder (\\folders\Groups)
Y:\ - Large data sets for academics (\\hsu-qnap01\gis-data)
In some locations, S:\ - Lab-specific share drive


"HSUUserName" - User's Network Folder (smb://folders/HSUUserName)
"class-files" - Faculty Folders (smb://folders/faculty)
"share" - Lab-specific share drive


/home - User's Network Folder (//folders/HSUUserName)
/class-files - Faculty Folders (//folders/faculty)
/share - Lab-specific share drive

If you have problems

Contact the Help Desk at or (707) 826-HELP (4357), fill out the web support request form, or stop by Library 120.