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Moodle :: Copy/Re-Use Existing Course

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Please note: this form is for use by HSU faculty and staff only. If you are a student, do not use this form. If you need help getting access to a Moodle site, please contact your instructor or the Technology Help Desk at (707) 826-HELP (4357).

  • If you have NO content to bring forward, or are teaching this for the first time, please ACTIVATE your course by using the New Course Request at the end of the Guidelines below.
  • For Combining Multiple Classes into a Meta Course, please use the link at the end of the Guidelines below.
  • If you wish to reuse content from a previous class in this new shell, complete the Course Copy form below. The maximum copy size is 1GB. While you may still classes back to Fall 13, they are more likely to have issues moving to version 2.8 due to links expiring and code changes. Please expect that some updating may be required. We are here to help with transfer issues.
  • Due to off-campus issues, Collaborate and TurnitIn content will not transfer and will be deleted. Please plan accordingly.

Please provide all the requested information and submit one form for each class. The act of submitting the form will automatically generate a help desk ticket. All forms are processed in the order they are received, so please don’t send an email as well. Start dates for copied courses are determined by when the empty course shells are available to use, so don’t submit too early as we may have no way to process your request. Instead, use the available time to update your course materials.

Guidelines: Copies are available now

  • We do NOT recommend copies of course older than Fall 13.
  • A copy is an all-or-nothing Choice. Please delete any material you do not wish copied (you may also remove or update the content once it’s been transferred to the new course).
  • At the request of faculty, all new courses will be hidden. Please unhide your class after editing so the students can see it.
  • Fall Course Copies may be submitted now. All requests are processed in the order in which they are received.
  • Multiple requests or incomplete requests will slow down your copy. (CRN numbers are required.)

This form is for instructor use only. If you are a student and have questions about copies of courses materials, please contact your instructor or the Technology Help Desk at (707) 826-HELP (4357).

New Course Request | Create or Copy a Meta Course