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Google Apps :: Blogger

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Overview of Blogger

Blogger is a blog-publishing service run by Google that allows creation of weblogs with time-stamped entries. If you have used WYSIWYG page authoring tools such as Dreamweaver in the past, you will be comfortable with using Google Sites. Unlike Google Sites, Alternative Text (ALT tags) will have to be generated manually.

Blogger: Getting Started:

1. To enable Blogger in your Google Apps account, you'll need to activate your web account.  Follow the instructions under Activating Your Site.

2. You can access your Blogger Account by clicking the "More" link at the top of your HSU Gmail page and then clicking "Sites"

Blogger: Related Links

Blogger: Accessibility Overview

Web accessibility is the practice of making websites usable by people of all abilities and disabilities. If you are a faculty member who will be posting course-related information on your blog pages, you will need to adhere to the same web accessibility guidelines that are in place for faculty sites on HSU's web server. If you embed videos in your course material, you will need to have captions available.

While personal sites do not require compliance with web accessibility guidelines, a few brief steps will help expand the potential audience of your web site.

If you wish to create section headings, HTML tables, please refer to the instructions on the Google Sites page. Depending on the layout of your website, additional accessibility best practices will prove useful.

Blogger offers many custom templates which are free to use. However, not all of these themes pass accessibility guidelines. It is a good idea to use an online accessibility checker such as Cynthia Says to make sure your content meets accessibility standards.

Alternative Text (alt text)

The alt ttribute is used in HTML to specify alternative text (alt text) that is to be rendered when the element to which it is applied cannot be rendered. A visually impaired reader who is using a screen reader will hear the alternative text in place of the image.

In the example below, the Blogger user is building a page featuring an image in their website.

Blogger - building a page

By adding alt text to this image, all visitors to the site will be able to access the page's information. Here's how this is accomplished:

1. As Blogger does not have any built-in functionality to provide alt text to images, you will need to edit the HTML code. This is accomplished by clicking Edit HTML button at the right in the web page layout menu.

Blogger toolbar

2. Add an alt text tag to your image link(s). To accomplish this, locate the area in your site where you have inserted an image, then, after the img tag, add alt="Description of Image"

Editing HTML on Blogger

3. Click the Update button at the bottom of the HTML edit window, then save your changes to the page.

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