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Google Apps :: Sites

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Overview of Google Sites

Google Sites offers single-click page creation, customizable look and feel, dozens of pre-built templates, and settings for accessing and sharing information. If you have used WYSIWYG page authoring tools such as Dreamweaver in the past, you will be comfortable with using Google Sites.

Be aware that the URLs generated by Google Sites automatically use whatever name you choose for the site and are in the following form:


Because Google Sites are not designed for instructional or other official HSU business, ITS is not able to provide redirect services from these default URLs to different URLs. The best way to create a relationship between your Google site and any other websites you may have is through linking.

If you're considering using Google Sites to post instructional material (which we don't recommend), those pages must meet accessibility requirements. We have made available information on making your Google Site accessible, and if you embed videos in those pages, you will need to have captions available. Before your site goes live, it is a good idea to use an online accessibility checker such as Cynthia Says to make sure your content meets accessibility standards.

Google Sites: Getting Started

1. To enable Google Sites in your Google Apps account, you'll need to activate your web account.  Follow the instructions under Activating Your Site.

2. You can access your Google Site(s) by clicking the checkerboard icon at the top of your HSU Gmail page and then clicking "Sites"

Google menu drop-down

3. Adjust your site visibility settings. By default, your site will only be available to everybody at Humboldt State University. You'll want to change this, for not only does this limit your audience to the HSU community, it also means that the viewers of your site must have taken the ATI training. Please see our Adjusting Site Visibility page for more information.

4. Make your site accessible - a good idea even if it will not be used for instructional purposes. Any instructional material being posted must adhere to the same web accessibility guidelines that are in place for faculty sites on HSU's web server. Visit our Accessibility Best Practices page for a tutorial.

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