Google Apps:: Unhiding Spam, Trash, & All Mail

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There are three labels (folders) that Google has hidden by default. You're likely to use these labels frequently. We'll show you how to unhide them. 

Spam - Google Apps does its own spam filtering. Anything Google believes is Spam it places in the Spam label. If you don't delete them, they will be purged after 30 days.

Trash - Anything you delete goes in the Trash. You can empty the trash whenever you feel like it. Once a message is in Trash, Gmail will delete it in 30 days.

All Mail - Shows almost all of your mail (Inbox, Starred, Chats, Sent, Drafts, and archived mail)

If you prefer to watch and listen to the instructions, check out our video tutorial.

camera icon Video tutorial: First things to change [download podcast] | [watch on YouTube]

Unhiding Spam, Trash, & All Mail

Step 1:  Log in to Google Apps ( 

Step 2: Click the Settings link on the top of any Gmail page.


Step 3:  Select the Labels tab.


Step 4: In the Systems labels section, click show next to All Mail, Spam, and Trash.  (You can tell they are hidden because the word "hide" is in bold.)


Step 5: Click the Gmail logo in the top left-hand corner to return to your mail.


Notice that these labels now show up in your list of labels.


 If you prefer to keep your label list short, you can keep these labels hidden and use the "X more" pull-down below your list of labels:



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