Google Apps :: Moving to Google Apps

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Welcome to Google Apps! We've already moved all of your mail and folders from your old Zimbra account, but to complete the process, you'll need to take care of a few other items. Use our printable checklists and the links on this page to complete your transition to the web-based world of Google Apps.

Depending on whether you use the Google Apps web interface or a local email client like Outlook or Mac Mail, your "to-do" list will be slightly different. Select your preferred email client from the list below to see the instructions for completing the transition.

  1. Webmail Users
  2. Outlook Users
  3. Other Mail Clients (Mac Mail, ThunderBird, etc.)

Webmail Users

Follow these steps to complete your migration to Google Apps using either the printed or online instructions - they're both the same, so just select the approach that works best for you.

Print Online
  1.  All-in-one printable instructions (pdf)
  1. Review the Google Migration Checklist for Webmail users
  2. Follow the instructions in Getting Started
  3. Follow the instructions to move each of these Zimbra functions (if you used them):
    1. Calendar
    2. Address Books (Contacts)
    3. Signature
    4. Mail Filter
    5. Tasks
    6. Documents
    7. Briefcase Items


Outlook Users

I'm set up and ready to switch: I'm an ITC moving someone start-to-finish: I'm an ITC installing in advance:
  1. Follow the instructions in Getting Started
  2. Switch your Outlook Profile.
  3. Import your Calendars and Contacts.
  4. Share your calendars.
  1. Follow the instructions in Getting Started 
  2. Install and configure Google Apps Sync for Outlook.
  1. Install Google Apps for Outlook and setup the Google profile.
  2. Provide instructions for switching the Outlook Profile and importing your Calendars and Contacts.


Other Mail Clients (Mac Mail, ThunderBird, etc.)


 Learn More:

  1. Sign up for a class at
  2. Read the Mail QuickStart Guide
  3. Read the Calendar QuickStart Guide
  4. Learn about Labels (folders)
  5. Explore the Mail Labs - add-ons to enhance your Google Apps