Google Apps Tips :: Troubleshooting Calendar Imports

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If you receive an error when importing your calendar, try this work around, which typically solves the problem.

        Sample Error:

        Processed 756 events.

        Successfully imported 142 events.

        Failed to import events: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

You're going to create a new google calendar (Temp), import your Zimbra calendar into that new (Temp) calendar.  Then, you'll export Temp and import it into your primary calendar.

Creating the Temp calendar

Step 1:  Click the Add down-arrow button in the My Calendars section.
Step 2:  Name your calendar Temp
Step 3:  Click Create Calendar

Importing your Zimbra calendar to Temp

Step 1:  In Google, on the left-hand side of the screen (under Other calendars), click Add, then Import calendar. (Note, this isn't the "Add" that is under My calendars).

Import Calendar screenshot

Step 2:   In the window that opens, click Browse or Choose File and locate the file you downloaded earlier (named Calendar.ics or the name of the Zimbra Calendar).  The file is probably in your Downloads location or on your Desktop, but it depends on how your web browser is configured.

Browsing for Calendar

Step 3:    Choose the Temp calendar.

Google temp upload

Step 4:  Click Import.  This may take a while!  Only click the Import button once!  You can watch your browser' status bar to see your import progress.

Google temp import

If everything went well, you should see a message telling you how many events were processed and how many were successfully imported. It's possible you'll also get a blank box.  That also means that the import was successful.  

Calendar import success

Cleaning up your Primary calendar

This will remove all of the events that didn't import correctly.  Caution:  This removes all events on your Primary calendar.  If you have added other events, you will lose those events. 

Step 1:  On the Google Calendar page, under My Calendar select Settings


Step 2:  In the My Calendars section, next to your Primary calendar, click Delete.  This will remove all of the events that didn't import correctly.


Step 3:  On the warning box, click Delete to confirm.


Exporting your Temp calendar

Step 1:  On the Google Calendar page, under My Calendar select Settings

Calendar trouble settings

Step 2:   In Calendar Settings select Export Calendars


Step 3:  SAVE the .zip file that contains both the personal calendar and the temp calendar that you just created.


Step 4:  On your computer: Unzip the file containing your google calendars that you just saved. (In Windows, you have the option to "Extract All", on a Mac, the file should decompress when you double-click it)


Step 5:   Repeat steps from "Import your calendar to Google Apps" to import the Temp calendar into your personal calendar.   Make sure to select the "Temp_humboldt..." .ical file. 

Step 6:  Delete the Temp calendar from the Calendar Settings page.


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