Google Apps Tips :: Translating Zimbra Calendars to Google Calendars

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Both Zimbra and Google support multiple calendars; the difference with Google is that everything is directly connected to email addresses.

In Google, you have a Primary calendar which has the same "name" as your email account - for example, The important thing to remember is that this is the ONLY calendar that affects your free/busy time;You can add other calendars to this account to act as reminders for birthdays and other events that don't affect your free/busy time - see Creating New Calendars on the main calendar migration page.

If you have a departmental email account that shares email across your department, this will have a departmental calendar attached to it in Google the same way that your HSU email address has your Primary calendar attached to it. You can move this calendar across using the same import procedures as for your primary calendar. If you don't have a departmental email account, you can request one.

If you are in charge of a conference room or location that people can reserve using a calendaring system, this type of calendar can be created for you in Google Apps so that you can approve or deny reservation requests. If you need this, please request a resource calendar; you can then import existing reservations using the regular calendar import process.

Here's a summary of how the different calendar types in Zimbra "translate" to Google Calendars:
Zimbra Calendars Who has these? What happens in Google?
Primary Calendar Everybody
Class/Teaching schedules Faculty & Students
  • Automatically recreated for you in your Google Calendar
Calendars shared with other people you work with Many people
  • You will need to ask these individuals to re-share their calendars with you.
Campus-wide calendars such as Administrative Calendar or Holidays Many people
Reservable conference rooms/locations Many people
  • Request a resource calendar and import any existing entries
  • People can reserve these rooms as "locations"
Departmental "Vacation" or "Schedule" calendars  Many people
  • Create in a separate departmental account and import, OR
  • Create a new Google calendar in your account and import
"Personal"/"Work"/"Kids" calendars that affect your free/busy time Few
Reminder calendars such as "Birthdays that do not affect free/busy time Few
  • Create a new Google calendar in your account and import
  • Does not affect free/busy time