Google Apps :: Outlook :: Importing Contacts & Calendars

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If your ITC (technical support staff) has already configured your Outlook to use Google, you'll still need to import your calendar and contacts

Warning Triangle If you've already imported data into your Google Apps account, don't re-import the same data now, or you may end up with duplicate calendar events or contacts.

Step 1:  Close Outlook

Step 2:  Choose Import data to Google Apps Sync from All Programs > Google Apps Sync in the Start menu.


Step 3: Under Profile to import to Google Apps Sync: choose your existing Outlook profile.  It probably starts with Zimbra)


Step 4:  Uncheck Email messages (which also unchecks deleted and junk messages) - you don't import these things from the Zimbra profile.  This will leave Contacts, Calendars, and Notes, journal entries, and tasks checked - these are the things you DO want to import. Learn more about what gets imported (pdf).

Step 5:  Click Next. A dialog informs you that the import will happen when you next start Outlook. Close the dialog, then start Outlook.


As soon as Outlook opens your Google Apps profile, Google Apps Sync begins to import your data. Google Apps Sync then performs a one-time import of data currently in the profile. See what gets imported.

Be patient when importing! It might be a few minutes before any data appears in Outlook. Importing can take several hours to complete.  You can begin using Outlook right away. If you quit Outlook before importing completes, then restart Outlook, importing continues from where you left off (so don't start another import). To see the status at any time, just point your mouse at the Google Apps Sync icon in the Windows system tray.

Google Apps import status 

You're now ready to use your new Google Apps account—from either Outlook or the Google Apps web interface!