Google Apps :: Installing Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook :: ITC Preparation

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These instructions are intended for ITCs (technical support staff) who need to pre-configure Outlook in advance of the migration.  These steps will take you through installing the connector, configuring the profile, setting the mailbox size, and connecting an existing pst.  They do NOT take you through importing contacts or calendar.

If you are not an ITC, you are probably looking for complete installation instructions or importing contacts & calendar instructions.

Installing & Configuring Google Apps Sync for Outlook

Step 1:  Close Outlook.

Step 2:  Open a web browser and go to


Step 3:  Click the Download Google Apps Sync button.  If you are prompted to Run or Save, choose Run.


The installer will run.  You must have administrative rights on your computer to install this.  If you don't, contact your ITC.  When it finishes, you'll see this window:


Step 4: In the Email address field, enter your HSU email address (the one with your HSU User Name, e.g.,


Step 5:  Below Do you have a Google password?, click Yes, I have a password, and enter your password.


Step 6:  Leave Remember Me checked and click Continue.


The following screen will open:


Step 7:  Click Create Profile to continue.  (We aren't importing anything because that needs to happen at migration time to capture the most recent contacts and calendar)


 If you receive an error "Failed to create profile" you can retry creating the profile.  (To try again, Choose Set up a Google Apps Sync User from All Programs > Google Apps Sync in the Start menu.

Step 8: Click Start Microsoft Outlook on the window that appears.


 Microsoft Outlook will open and begin synchronizing. This sync may take several hours (up to a day) for ALL mail to synchronize.  If you close Outlook, it will continue syncing the next time the profile is opened.

 Continue to Configuring the Mailbox size and Adding Local Files

Configuring the Mailbox size

With the default Outlook mailbox size of 1 GB, users will quickly receive a warning that their mailbox isn't big enough.  The warning includes instructions on how to do the following, but they aren't 100% clear.  You may want to save yourself the call by configuring this now.

Step 1:  With the Google profile open in Outlook, click on the Google Apps Sync icon in your system tray and select  Set mailbox size limit...


Step 2: Select the radio button next to Unlimited and click OK



Adding Local Files

If your users had local .pst files attached to their profile, you should re-attach them now.  We strongly recommend keeping those files local as opposed to importing them to Google.  Our import tests were largely problematic for the users.

Step 1: In Outlook, click File > Open > Outlook Data File... (Outlook 2007) or File >Open > Open Outlook Data File (Outlook 2010)

 Step 2:  Navigate to where your PST file is stored (typically it is in the default window that opens or My Documents > Outlook Files)

Step 3:  Select your PST file (typically called "Local.pst", but may be something like "Personal Folders.pst") and click OK.  Note:  Do not attach your "Zimbra" pst files.  That mail has already been moved over because it was on the server.


 Step 4:  On the account Settings window, click Close.


 Your "old" mail will still be in folders under "Local Mail" or "Personal Folders" and your new mail will show up under "Google Apps".  All of your "old" mail is stored locally on your computer and will not be visible if you use the Google Web Client (  If you need webmail access to a message, you should drag that message to your Google inbox.

 Finishing Up

You can close Outlook now and switch the person back to their Zimbra profile.  You will likely want to provide them instructions on how to switch to this profile on their migration day and on how to import their contacts and calendar.  See Switching Profiles and Importing Contacts and Calendars.