Guest Wireless Access

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HSU provides both short and long-term campus guests with Internet access via wireless networks without the need to install the usual policy key software. While this level of access is more limited than the full policy-based setup, it does allow guest users to gain access to the Internet quickly and keeps our campus network more secure. All guest access to the Internet occurs outside the campus firewall.

  • One-time or very infrequent visitors such as visiting parents and prospective students and conference or meeting attendees should select and follow the appropriate instructions from the QuickLinks to the right to register for the HSUGuest network. This option provides Internet access for 15 days for each unique name and is limited to 1Mbps for downloads (512Kbps for uploads). Users must know who their mobile provider is, provide a reason for being granted access, and be able to receive their access credentials via text message on their mobile phone (standard text messaging rates apply). This access period may be extended on application in person at the Technology Help Desk. 
  • Longer-term guest users such as visiting faculty and administrators from other CSU campuses must be sponsored by an HSU department and will have a special HSU account and credentials provided to them by the guest account administrator in that department. These users will connect to the Internet via the HSUGuest network and are not required to install the policy key; the bandwidth cap applies.
  • Contractors and consultants working temporarily on campus are provided with an HSU User Name and Password and are encouraged to connect using the HSUWireless-Secure network rather than the HSUGuest network to avoid bandwidth limits and to comply with data protection laws. If these individuals require access to HSU computing resources, including wireless printing or mapping shared drives, a trusted guest account must be created (see below).
  • Trusted guests such as CSU auditors and other legal or compliance professionals are provided with Trusted Guest accounts which enable them to access privileged information stored inside the HSU firewall as well as other resources such as wireless printing. These accounts may only be created by a guest account administrator; these users are required to connect via the HSUWireless-Secure network and install the SafeConnect policy key software.  

HSU Guest Account administrators and ITS personnel will find more detailed information in the Understanding Guest Accounts and Wireless Network Options document.