Instant wireless access now available to campus guests

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In another step towards improved customer service at HSU, guests making short (under 15 days) visits to campus can now get immediate access to the HSU campus wireless network. Read more about guest wireless self-registration.


Starting January 10th 2014, guests making short (under 15 days) visits to campus no longer need to go to the Technology Help Desk to arrange for Internet access while they're on campus. Just like going online in a coffee shop or an airport, HSU wireless access is now provided free of charge. Just click on the HSUGuest wireless network and complete the short form. You'll need to provide a US or Canadian 10-digit cellphone number, as you'll receive your login credentials via text message; we'll also need to know who your mobile service provider is, as the text message will be charged to your account. You'll get your username and password in just a few seconds, and then you're free to access the Internet normally - although there are some limitations on bandwidth to ensure that everyone who wants to get online via this network can do so.

This process is designed specifically for short-term campus visitors such as parents, prospective students, and meeting and conference attendees. Internet access for contractors, consultants, visiting academics, and others working with the University will continue to be provided through guest account administrators in the relevant departments.